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An experienced and dependable Glued Laminated Beam supplier for over 25 Years; Offering the highest quality engineered wood from the largest & oldest manufacturers.
It is our passion to supply to California and beyond.
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Who we are...

Glu-Lam Sales Co., Inc. is a family owned and operated
Glued Laminated beam supplier, located in Los Angeles and has supplied the highest quality stock and custom APA Certified Glulam beams, Engineered Wood and Lumber to all of California, Oregon and Washington for over 25 years.
Pricing from the largest and oldest Manufacturers
means the lowest prices for you.
Estimation - Shop Drawings - Delivery

Schools, Warehouses, Tilt Up, Restaurants
Commercial buildings & more


Our Products

Stock Glulams

Douglas Fir
Standard Sizes
1-2 Day Delivery
6'-60' Long, Commercial
Home Renovation

Custom Glulams

Douglas Fir
Alaskan Cedar
Custom Shapes
Peak And Cambered
Curved, Notched, Tapered Etc.

Glulam Trusses

Douglas Fir
Alaskan Cedar
Detail Drawings
Drilling, Kerf Cuts
Fabrication, Steel, Etc.

Building Materials

Douglas Fir, And More
Fabrication, Milling
Lumber: Net, Nominal
Plywood: OSB, Struct-1
I-Joist, Rimboard, Treated LVL

Our Services Include

Glued Laminated Beams

Custom Curves/Peak & Cambered

Estimation and Pricing

LVL's, Lumber Plywood

Title 24 Inspection/12% Moisture

Delivery Coordination

Pressure/Fire Treating

F.S.C. Certified Beams

Technical Shop Drawings

3rd Party Paint/Seal

Fire Construction

Truss/Steel Fabrication

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